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Denver Gem and Mineral Show 2018

I’m so excited that Michal And Company will be at the 2nd largest Gem show in the U.S of A again this year. The 51st Annual Denver Gem and Mineral Show will take off in early September, and I just have to tell you that this show is one of my favorites. If you’ve never been to this Gem show in this stunning city you are missing out on so much beauty and positive energy. Keep in mind Michal And Company will be at the show from the 4th – 15th September (4th – 7th for wholesale private appointments so call to book 1 (818) 524 9552). And if you are coming to Colorado, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

This is how you can prepare for the Denver Gem Show.

Since there are 12 shows running in 10 days next month you’ll need a reliable form of transportation. The shows are spread out so traveling by car is going to be your best option so you can hit all the hot spots. If you’re coming by car, take your time. The altitude in Denver, Colorado can cause altitude sickness which I’m sure is not how you want to spend your time in this amazing location. Drink plenty of water even if you are not feeling thirsty. This will help you adjust to the altitude.

If you’ve been to Denver before you’ll know how unpredictable the weather can be. At one moment it is sunny and hot, and the next you’re standing in a thunderstorm. Pack an assortment of clothing and accessories to accommodate the sudden weather changes. Trust me, it’s completely random.

Once you’ve stocked up on gems and crystals from the show, you’ll need to get them home, right? Remember that Colorado is one of the most difficult states for shipping, so I recommend using UPS or Old Dominion to get your gorgeous pieces back home safely.

If you’ve seen all you can at the Gem Show and you’re looking for a few more places to visit while you are in the area, here are some amazing destinations that will make your trip worthwhile and that much more special. Definitely take the time to look them up.

Durango is a small city filled with mountains and canyons that are absolutely spectacular.

The Hot Springs in Colorado is Pagosa Springs. Close to Durango for sure, there are more scattered all over the state. Let your stress melt away when you visit these amazing warm baths.

The Mother Cabrina Shrine in Golden, Colorado is a historical property that was used as a camp for young girls and is absolutely gorgeous.

Ultimately, Michal & Company is going to rock the show with fellow dealers, speakers, vendors, and exhibitors and is completely thrilled to be arriving early. So drop in to see our gorgeous geodes and gems from the 7th – 15th September. We can’t wait!


About Michal Mael:

Michal’s worldly background made her the perfect ambassador for nature’s gems. She was born in Israel to parents of Iraqi, Yemenite, and European origins moved to America at a young age and grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. As a pre-teenager, she mastered sales in her mom’s retail store, and by the age of 19, Michal opened “Jewels of the Nile,” a traveling business selling beads, statues, antiques, and crystals.

 Through decades of traveling the world to handpick and sell gems, Michal became a leading expert on rocks and minerals. Transforming any environment with Nature’s Art Decor™ is her specialty. Michal believes that each crystal has a specific purpose and place in life, business, and the home. Tranquility and abundance can be achieved through the right placement of Nature’s Art.

From international businessmen and women to Beverly Hills celebrities, and everyone in between, Michal uses her expertise to place the exact crystals needed, giving clients the alignment they desire in both home and work environments. She has developed her own technique and system of Energy Positioning Placement™ and teaches audiences about stones and energy all over the world.

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