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Energy Rocks Consulting Program

An individualized approach for introducing energy rocks and crystal grid layouts of pieces, each tailored to the individual and property.

Our consulting program will educate and infuse energy in homes and commercial establishments through the use of energy stones. Michal Mael truly believes and has proven results that Nature’s Art does shift and change emotional energy if crystal placements are in the correct locations. Michal has dedicated 20 years of her life to teaching people about Nature’s Art, the use of energy rocks to enhance their lives in health, wealth, love, and connection to spirit.

Every person is different, so each consultation will be tailored to the individual and property. We welcome you to open your heart and mind and take a challenge to see how Nature’s Art can be a part of your everyday surroundings to define beauty from the INSIDE (energy)/ OUT (one-of-a-kind statement pieces).

Natural Art Décor™ in your home or work can infuse you with the emotional energy you need to attract what you desire most.

Go to the next level, using as many modalities and energy to help make it happen.

Shift your space to open up to new ideas and bring in new energies to take you to your next level.
Move forward and see growth in business, love and life.
Your space can give you even more needed energy to make shift happen.
Wear the exact energy properties needed to help you succeed in everything you do.
It’s about moving, clearing; shifting and energizing yourself and having your space help you be what you want to be.

A few traits in your life that energy stones can help you with:

Clear Thinking
Joint Pain
Back Pain
Our Signature "Energy Positioning Blueprint" ™ Approach

Our exclusive crystal grid layout approach to creating more productive workspaces, home, and business environments that boost personal health, well-being, love, positive energy and more.

There are many types of Energy Positioning Blueprint™ The one we will be focusing on now is your office. Let’s look at what you want. If it is more money you want then we will look at your area of money, the office, den, store or living room and its configuration. Using the principals of crystal grid layouts, we incorporate our Energy Space Alignment™ technique. Beginning with the area where you sit, where the desk is and the location of windows and entrances. From there we can see what would be needed and where best to introduce crystal placements based on the space. One of the energy stones needed for making more money is Citrine. It’s the golden dragon in the Chinese culture that brings money. Citrine also brings happiness and calm, two very important traits that allow money to show up. It’s hard to make money if you’re stressed out and miserable… not fun. Place Citrine in the area of your money, it works great on your desk. Larger pieces positioned behind you can also make a powerful impact. If you have a bank bag or cash register and wallet you should put one piece there as well.

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In business or work, we see that there is so much stress that can come from the outside in the form of employees,taxes, webmasters, clients or workmates. Black Tourmaline logs should be placed in-between you and the other person. Another amazing crystal is Quartz Crystal. Watch out for this one! You must clear the crystal before it enters your place of money! Take a look at how that’s done here in the wellness page. You don’t have to believe it; you just have to do it. Ok, now that we explained that, you can put a crystal point in the center of the room. If there is no space, then hang a pendulum from the ceiling. If you have room and space (not on your desk) then place (one bigger than the size of your hand) in the middle of the room. Quartz brings power and energy. You must stay positive and ask others not to touch it( if they do just clear it). These are just a few energy rocks that can shift your emotional energy in the space making an energy field of money and protection so that more can show up for you.

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Michal is taking on a few clients who wish to transform their homes and lives. When you are ready to make a difference in your life or help your client by shifting and transforming any environment contact us for a free evaluation.

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If you’re interested in our one on one consultations on using energy rocks to infuse your place with positive energy.

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