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Feng Shui for Your Office

Does the Feng Shui in your office space flow the way it should? If the business isn’t doing so well and things at work just aren’t feeling right, consider these office Feng Shui tips today. Although Michal and company don’t offer Feng Shui services, we believe that it can transform your professional life from stagnant to abundant in conjunction with crystals.

I have created a different approach using our own system called Energy Placement Blueprint( TM). Many of the teachings of Feng Shui are amazing and Michal And Company use them too. Many modalities working together will create abundance in your life.


Here are tips on what the Feng Shui masters use for prosperity growth


1. Office Feng Shui Desk placement

One of the most important factors in the layout of your Feng Shui office would be desk placement. It may be tempting to face the window and admire 

the beauty of the outside world, yet it is actually counterproductive and can contribute to distraction, procrastination and ultimately lost business. 


When your back is to the window your focus will be on the work at hand and the people who enter your office space. To hold onto strength simply erect shutters or bamboo shades, as well as Citrine. Place it behind you facing the middle of your back. So, for Feng Shui prosperity face your desk towards the door, in the direction of success, and where your customers are.


2. Feng Shui Plants

When you bring organic life into your office space your Feng Shui efforts multiply. Plants are an amazing way to boost your productivity and health, which results in prosperity and wealth. Feng Shui office plants include the Peace Lily and Jade which cleanse the air of Carbon Dioxide and bring a positive Chi flow into the room. Jade is known to be a money plant which brings good luck to those who nurture it. On the other hand, Peace Lilies are best utilized near electronics and outlets since they absorb the electric pollution that can interfere with creative and clear thinking.
If you like a stone, salt rock can also take out negative ions from the air and cleanse it of dust and allergens.

3. Feng Shui Crystals

With Nature’s Art DécorTM on your side, you will experience an abundance of positive energy. The best crystals for office Feng Shui are Citrine and Black Tourmaline. A Cluster of Citrine in your cash box and safe will draw the abundance straight to that location. Placing your more extravagant Citrine geodes on the left corner behind your desk is another lucrative way to attract wealth. Adding an Amethyst on the northeast side of the room with a crystal ball inside it will also increase abundance

The perfect protection gemstone is Black Tourmaline. This Feng Shui crystal can clear away negative energy, and distance you from energy vampires. These are the people that draw out all your positive energy and leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Place Black Tourmaline on your desk or keep it close when dealing with difficult situations.

In conclusion, the layout of your office will affect the way you do business. Bring office Feng Shui into your 2018 resolution plan, Michal and Company’s Nature’s art decor of Crystal, Geodes, Fossils and Specimen Minerals can help. Meticulously place your desk in the right position, surround yourself with plants full of life and position the right crystals and gemstones correctly to attract prosperity.


About Michal Mael:

Michal’s worldly background made her the perfect ambassador for nature’s gems. She was born in Israel to parents of Iraqi, Yemenite, and European origins moved to America at a young age and grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. As a pre-teenager, she mastered sales in her mom’s retail store, and by the age of 19, Michal opened “Jewels of the Nile,” a traveling business selling beads, statues, antiques, and crystals.

 Through decades of traveling the world to handpick and sell gems, Michal became a leading expert on rocks and minerals. Transforming any environment with Nature’s Art Decor™ is her specialty. Michal believes that each crystal has a specific purpose and place in life, business, and the home. Tranquility and abundance can be achieved through the right placement of Nature’s Art.

From international businessmen and women to Beverly Hills celebrities, and everyone in between, Michal uses her expertise to place the exact crystals needed, giving clients the alignment they desire in both home and work environments. She has developed her own technique and system of Energy Positioning Placement™ and teaches audiences about stones and energy all over the world.

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