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Organic Home Decor

We specialize in functional organic home decor, agate furniture, geode tables, agate tables and geo art pieces that spectacularly accent key spaces creating opulence, & life in abundance.

Michal & Co. Inc is dedicated to importing, designing, and creating unique geode furniture and geode designs, Nature’s Art Decor™ for clients that desire and collect one-of-a-kind geode decor artifacts. Michal & Company Inc transforms our client’s environments incorporating the use of rare minerals, statuary, natural crystals, gems, geode rocks, minerals and fossils to create opulence and abundant energy.

We specialize in designing and creating unique organic home decor, Nature’s Art Decor™ for clients that desire and collect one-of-a-kind artifacts.

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A Beautiful Geode Table Makes A Statement

When it comes to furniture style, and house décor people go all out on the most expensive wood and ceramics. Certain types of woods are rare and cost a fortune and will not go unnoticed. However, wood is not the only material that comes in style and class. Designers and furniture makers all over the world are incorporating geodes, precious gemstones, energy stones, and organic materials into furniture and home décor items. Whether it is a geode table, an agate table, geo lamp or any geode accessory, it will be a unique and aesthetic addition to a home or office décor.

Geode furniture is unique and special since it is made using geode rocks. The geodes are rare rocks formed in spaces within soil or bubbles inside volcanic rocks. The geode forms when minerals trickle into the spaces over time and harden to form a mass with a hard outer shell. Geodes come in different shapes that can be incorporated to make unique geo furniture. Though most geodes form in irregular shapes, some geodes form as circles, ovals, rounded with flat bottoms, and some have convex shaped tops.

Rocks contain different minerals with different colors. Some of the minerals that mostly form geodes are quartz, amethyst, calcite, citrine, gypsum, and barite. All these have different colors that reflect on the different geode furniture. The most commonly used geode for furniture is amethyst, which has a purple color from the amethyst mineral, Celestine with a dark blue color and agate furniture has the most types of furniture since it comes in many colors.

The geo market has a lot of geode decor pieces which you can choose from. The most coveted geode furniture item is the geode table. Due to the irregular shape of the rocks, they are mostly used to make asymmetrical tables, though we have incorporated some unique table designs. There is no better way to display such a precious gem than on a table. Stone accent tables center any room when positioned to be the center of attraction.

Accessorizing the home can bring a new perspective and feel to your space. Pushing the limits to go beyond a small shift, introducing geo tables is a safe bet to bring a big shift. A plain glass table is simple and elegant, but an amethyst table is an adventure. Looking at it feels like exploring a reef while inside a glass boat. No two geodes are the same, so any geode table seems like a new and unique statue surrounded by either glass or bronze. That is the other beauty of geodes. They blend with materials such as glass and iron.

People like to customize most of their amethyst furniture. Geode furniture offers an adventurous opportunity to experiment. Going through different geodes to see which one would best suit a table is a fun and learning experience. It is a chance to learn various types of geodes and their properties one valuable feature being the color. From there it becomes easy to choose a geode to accessorize the house.

Stone accent tables can blend your house décor in several ways. The dominant color of the geode can dictate the monochromatic décor of a room. Place an amethyst table between purple seats. The purple color on the table will blend with that on the seats. The amethyst geodes can also accessories purple lamps in the same room for a full monochrome mix. The geode table can have a base and top made from glass so as not to interfere with the color scheme in a house. It is a good way to introduce a geode table or any geode furniture in a room without having to change the entire décor.

There are a variety of geode tables in the market based on the type of geode. These include Amethyst, Agate, and Calcite among others. The choice of a table will be highly influenced by the color of the geode. Whichever geode table is in a room; it is bound to get all the attention from guests. Curiosity will make people want to know what it is and how it got to be on a table. On a lighter note, it is a good icebreaker in any room set to hold strangers.

There are different geode table designs. They include center, side, cocktail and coffee tables. Amethyst furniture is easy to blend with the entire house décor since they help pick the dominant color used in the overall decor. Agate accent tables can be a little tricky to blend. They serve a more aesthetic role in the décor and can be a unique stand-alone accessory in a house. They do not need to color scheme with other furniture. They can just be a décor break. Coffee tables are big, so they need the largest geodes, which in most cases are the Amethyst. The amethyst table can be accompanied by color blocking seats to create color coordination in the decor. The seats can have colors such as pink orange and green.

When everything in a house is recent, a house feels like it lacks that longevity charm. Those who believe in earth energy and Mother Nature love the idea of having organic decor in the house that took years to form. Geodes take a long time to develop which adds to their allure as they contain a rich history and stand out by their presence.

Geodes are believed to hold energy which some consider spiritual with healing effects. Each geode has a different energy and looking at it is a good way to meditate and clear the mind in a busy environment such as an office. When it is part of the furniture in a room, it diffuses the calm energy to those in the room.

Amethyst crystals are believed to have the ability to help people tap into their highest consciousness. In a room with an amethyst table, there is a higher probability of making conscious decisions. All these qualities are dependent on one’s belief in higher powers and energies. Anyone attracted to a geode table is bound to feel some level of the spiritual connection.

Though getting the right minerals & gemstones is a long process, getting a geode table, agate table, amethyst furniture or any other stone accent table doesn’t have to be. All these unique items are accessible by contacting us directly. We have a large selection of organic home decor pieces that will bring your room to life and can guide you on which geode stones are right for you.

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