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Amethyst Stone

Amethyst geodes are formed over millions of years across the world. Specifically in Brazil, they are nestled in volcanic mountains. When we mine them, the miners create tunnels where we drill holes in the basaltic lava walls that holds the geodes stagnant. Geodes are like a “volcanic burp.” Within igneous rocks in the mountains, pockets form in the basalt and crystalize over time because of water and heat. To mine Amethyst, we first need to locate the geodes by drilling holes in the basalt walls in search of hollow areas, which we know will contain goedes. Then we stick in a light and to see the quality and size because it can take months to unearth just one large geode. So we must determine whether it is worth it or not.  

Most of the world’s commercial geodes come from Brazil, where thousands of tons are mined each year. Michal selects the best looking geodes for the shiny, dark purple formations, as well as special pieces with Calcite inclusions and different colors. Uruguay produces the world’s largest geodes, which are enormous in scale. These two countries are unparalleled in production both in terms of quantity and quality. Arizona, Colorado, and Delaware used to produce Amethyst. Now in North America, only Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada has Amethyst available to purchase. You may also get Amethyst from Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, and Bolivia. They are all mined and formed differently. The only countries in the world that mine geodes for commercial buying at this time is Brazil and Uruguay.  

Uruguay is mined along with Agate by digging into flat land to develop caves that are only 50 feet underground. This is a new process that’s very sustainable environmentally. The mines are located in a cattle farming area where there is rock just 3 feet down so it cannot be used for crops or developed. The Amethysts that come from Artigas, Uruguay are rounder, wider shaped geodes with a basalt color of beige to light brown compared to Brazil, which are darker. They can be gigantic geodes, up to 16.5 feet tall and very wide. 

Michal brought in the largest Amethyst geode ever to enter the US, weighing 8 tons and 16.5 feet tall from Uruguay. But there are also different formations and colors that can come out of an Amethyst, especially from Uruguay. They are known for their special formations like baby finger stalactites as small as 1 inch in diameter of stacked points to 6-inch stalactites with a center of Agate, which you can make into jewelry when sliced, rosettes that are small balls made of points to spin energy, and pines, which are large pineapple or larger size half moon shaped lumps that are about movement of energy and spreading energy around. Michal buys every pineapple she can get her hands on because they are very sought after in the middle of rooms to bounce energy around along with the beauty of having crystals looking fabulous from 360 degrees. Uruguayan Amethysts are very flowy, with beautiful formations. You can even get rainbow-colored Amethyst that can range from pink, red, blue and green, white, and brown, to of course all shades of purple.

Brazil is home to magnificent geodes and a specific region located on the southern tip of Brazil called Rio Grande Do Sul is one of my favorite places to find these one-of-a-kind crystals. Unlike Uruguay, in Brazil they are mined in tall mountain regions three-fourths of the way up the mountain. The resulting geodes are longer and lankier than Uruguayan Amethyst. The thick surrounding basalt in Brazil has a thin layer of Chlorite resulting in an outer layer that is brown, green, and grey, which tells you that you found a geode. They can grow as tall as 12 to 16 feet that look like snakes or tubes, which are rare and highly prized. Brazilian Amethysts have larger points, sometimes even the size of a fist whereas Uruguayan geodes are usually very small points. 

Bolivia also produces beautiful and sought-after Amethyst from one Ametrine mine – meaning it produces Amethyst and Citrine together. It has different styles of points, including the crocodile point known in the region as “jacare” with multiple crystals going around them in sceptor formation, the second rule is a single point formation mostly used for polished items. What separates them from Uruguayan or Brazilian Amethysts is that Bolivian Amethysts have large “bugs” in pockets with points the size of a fist, which are very sought after. Sometimes the points are cloudy on the outside but when polished, they are amazing, perfect for carving pyramids, obelisks, spheres, hearts, and massage wands, to name a few. The only other location for large points are Marabah and Bahia in the northern region of Brazil, but the darker colors are usually polished in Brazil from Bolivian stones. 

Within Amethyst geodes you find mostly purple crystal structures with Calicites, Quartz, Lithite, Agate, Druzi, Iron, Sulphur, and Jasper to name a few. Not all geodes carry every one of these minerals but they all have the capability of forming them. The shapes formed are fascinating and can be stalactites, rosettes, stars, double terminated points, pines, rivers, lines, multiple sizes of points, and more. That’s the fun part for Michal, finding, selecting, and exploring to bring you the best and create Nature’s Art Decor. 

View the different styles on our YouTube channel – and check out how we prepare an Amethyst geode for removal from the earth. 


Amethyst and Feng Shui

Amethyst is a favorite stone among Feng Shui practitioners because it brings abundance. But in order to be used in Feng Shui, the geode is sliced in half, which is called a “cathedral” style and it must have no cracks and be complete on all corners. There are different shapes for different uses. The most popular one is the triangle, which is wider on the bottom and pointed at the top. It must have a deep hole to keep the money in, contain no Calcite, and have a dark purple color with medium to large points. This style is for abundance of wealth. People will also put a Quartz crystal sphere inside an Amethyst geode because it brings wholeness and circulation to the abundance it creates. You can put it in the Northeast side of the home, which is considered the money area in American Feng Shui. 

The rounder geodes are made into money pots, which people put money inside and also jewelry, which is cleared by the crystals and brings in more wealth. Michal also suggests using the pot for manifestation of your dreams. Write a note, place it into the pot, and close the lid. Let the magic begin. 


Healing Properties

Amethyst is a master healer because of its ability to reduce anger and stress. When you position this gorgeous stone in your home you will notice an abundance of new ideas and thoughts. This is because the color purple works with your third eye chakra, which is your prayer, intuition, and energy zone. Amethyst helps open your third eye, bringing in positive energy so that you can connect with your spirituality.



The best places to position your Amethyst stones are in the family room to lower stress levels, or in the dining room to boost creative, abundant conversations. If you have a large pair, it’s best in the living room across from each other or the entrance with the door or a bench between them to take out the stress of the day before entering the home. If you place the crystal on a desk in the bedroom, you will hone ideas and encourage focus and deep thought, which is great for homework or writing a book. They are also great for meditation and brainstorming in business.  

Michal creates all types of Amethyst pieces for many different styles of decor for hotels, casinos, and huge homes to create an atmosphere of abundance and spirituality by mounting geodes on the wall and also creating Amethyst spheres using thick geodes that are cut and carved into spheres for the coffee table or dresser. We use lots of different cuts for jewelry pots, plates, mounts, spinning bases, accent tables, fountains, and lamps to name a few. Small points are used for jewelry, especially cabochons and double terminated points. 

The most wonderful quality of Amethyst geodes is that they are all one of a kind. Just as humans each have individual personalities, these crystals possess unique energies. Each person responds differently to one stone versus another as if that stone were specially designed for them by G*d. So when you look at an Amethyst and are continually drawn toward the same one, it’s choosing you and your energy to work with. It is intent is to bring you closer to whatever you want to be abundant in your life.

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