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Citrine Stone

The mining and production of Citrine is unique, intricate, and fascinating. While there is rare, naturally occuring Citrine found inside Agate that is green to pale yellow color, most is man made. It’s referred to as “gold dragon” or “golden Citrine.” But it’s really starts as Amethyst. Golden dragon Citrine is produced using no chemicals or anything but heat, just as mother nature heats crystals in the earth’s crust.

In the mines of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, gray and taupe Amethyst crystals are heated using exacting specifications as not to damage the precious gems. If we let them stay in the oven too long, they get too dark. If the heat is reduced too fast, they appear foggy. If the oven is not hot enough, they don’t take on the golden hue Citrine is known for. It’s a temperamental process that takes days to complete and the person that controls the oven has long been trained to know what they are doing.

That process is where variations in color come from – honey or pale, rich or yellow, and so on – and the color affects the price of the geode when it comes to market. Mines in Uruguay use a similar process on their Amethyst, but it burns a rich, honey golden color because its crystal structure and shape is different.

The same goes for Ametrine, which is an Amethyst and Citrine combination that you can only find in Bolivia. Ametrine happens when the volcanic region got hot and cold multiple times, which produced the Citrine to appear somewhere in the point. It doesn’t happen in all clusters or points in the Ametrine mine, but when it does it’s amazing to see and is very sought after. When you purchase faceted Ametrine gems, they are all man-made bi-color Ametrine. The manufacturer really has it down to a science of heating the stone to make a perfect double color crystal.

Pieces come in all sizes from 8 inches to 7 feet tall. Large size pieces are rare but I hunt for them to make them available to you. The birthstone for November birthdays, small pieces of Citrine are popularly worn as jewelry, as well as carried around in one’s wallet.


Harness the Power of Citrine

Citrine is one of the most popular stones in the world because of its characteristics of wealth building.

Considered the golden dragon in Asian countries, Citrine is said to bring wealth and abundance. In US culture, it is also known to bring wealth and keep it in the family. Love is in the Earth Author Melody calls it the merchant’s stone for wealth. Other stones attract money but that doesn’t mean it will stay in the family.

Citrine invites happiness and calmness into your home or work space because it works with your solar plexus chakra located in the center point of your body. It is the zone between the higher G-d energy zones and the lower energy zones, which is where most people run their lives through using a “reality” based concept. This energy zone opens up your core, your substance, your power, and your courage. This chakra is extremely strong when activated by Citrine, giving you energy, optimism, and enthusiasm. Dynamic people are able to extend their energy outwards using their solar plexus energy zone and many times wearing bright yellow or Citrine stones will help amplify that specific energy, especially if you need help with that. It’s a powerful tool to use and expand your energy to others so they hear you and feel what is important to you.

People with a wide range of medical conditions turn to natural Citrine for healing, including endocrine problems like diabetes and thyroid disorders, eye problems, and hormonal issues. It’s also one of the stones to help with fertility, along with Carnelian and Peridot.

Citrine also guards against jealousy, heartbreak, and bitterness. However, it can increase quick-tempered emotions, so anyone prone to anger should be careful with this crystal. Better to start with Amethyst since it helps reduce anger.



Citrine is perfect for professional spaces because it not only attracts money, it aids in financial dealings and commercial relationships, particularly around sales. I have found that the perfect space in the office for Citrine is behind your desk facing your back. If possible place a small table against the wall and set a Citrine cathedral or large plate angled towards the middle of your back. This anchors your core power and drives your business to grow. You can also place a Citrine sphere in areas of wealth or money to keep it cycling and flowing.

Placing a small chunk of Citrine in your cash box and/or safe, by your point of sale machine, in your bank bag, wallet, or any other place you keep your money helps attract positive energy for growth. I personally love making money pots out of Citrine crystals, which are large decorative boxes with lids where people store their money.

The energy of Citrine gathers happiness and calm, giving you thriving rather than surviving energy. This positive way of approaching business and abundance keeps you centered and focused. The combination of wealth, calm, and happiness is a fantastic foundation for any business.

For these reasons, Citrine is also perfectly placed in the living room or family room because it brings calm and happiness. I’ve used Citrine as accent pieces for lamps,
Citrine rings in metal stands, and large geode clusters for tables, which are beautiful because of their unique golden color that accents home decor and matches more organic brown tones.

At Michal & Company, we can enable you to utilize Citrine to enhance your chances of wealth, calm, and happiness by helping you place Citrine pieces in the best locations in your home or workspace.

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