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Quartz Crystal

Quartz is a beautiful crystal found all over the world that makes up 12% of the earth’s crust. Prized as “the master healer of them all,” Quartz has been used in healing work for centuries in cultures around the globe, as well as for connection with higher spiritual planes.

You will find a wide range in color from clear, white, or cloudy to violet, yellow, rose, red-orange, mint green, gray, and multi-colored. In all, there are 18 varieties of Quartz based on color and crystal structure, including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Onyx to name a few. Each has different properties. Rose Quartz brings love, Yellow Quartz containing sulfur is healing, as is Chlorite, while Smoky Quartz, chocolate in color, affects money.

The structure of Quartz varies widely too. One Brazilian Quartz style of layered points is what locals call “Jacare.” Clusters of Quartz found in Arkansas are considered an “old” energy verses in Brazil they are spunky so they might have less wisdom to give out. Himalayan Quartz is very high energy. Madagascar Quartz is rolled, tumbled by a river, but amazingly, it is clear in the center. Quartz formations can be found inside other minerals and rocks, such as Agate.
Since ancient times and across the world, Quartz has been used for sculpture, jewelry, tools, watches, and carvings in addition to healing. The word Quartz is German derived from Ancient Greek words that meant icy cold because philosophers believed the mineral formed from ice. This belief persisted through the centuries, and medieval women with means would hold Quartz pieces to keep themselves cool during the summer. Alternatively, clear Quartz’s light-refracting properties were used to start fires.


Healing Properties of Quartz

Clear Quartz is the amplifier of energy. When ground up it can be used as a magnifying glass to amplify the image of an object. Even in its natural form, Quartz can amplify energy up to 10 times.

This powerful effect must be properly harnessed. Its energy amplification can be counterproductive if you utilize it around negative energy or people. Likewise, if it is not handled properly, Quartz can take on negative energy and amplify it into a space.

With that said, Quartz is prized as a master healing crystal for its ability to enhance positive energy. The crystal even works on those who are not aware of its properties, including animals and children. It also positively affects physical health and has been used in energetic surgeries to release or cut out unwanted dis-eases and attachments of people who do not serve you.

Although it is commonly believed that Quartz crystal works with your Crown Chakra, that’s not quite accurate. Quartz connects with the ninth chakras, the Aura Chakra, and by using its white light, clears all of the chakras. Through meditation with Quartz, you can harness its energy, balance the chakras, and connect with your higher power harmoniously.


Quartz Placement

Place Quartz crystal in your meditation room to help you connect spiritually. Enormous pieces of Quartz will speed and enhance your connection with your higher purpose.

You can also cluster Quartz in the center of your living room to move positive, cleansing energy around the room. Likewise, it can be combined with other crystals to amplify their positive vibrations. Utilize it in your place of business as long as no one can touch it, so that it does not take on negative energies.

Some people like to display clear Quartz pieces so that the sunlight can catch them and reflect rainbows, but again, be careful to place them in spots where the reflection of the Quartz will not set fire to its directed location.

Quartz is a hardness of 7 so it is not easy to cut but makes amazing polished materials like pyramids, obelisks, cabochons, spheres, hearts, slabs, polished points, tumble and flat stones, free form decor, chandelier prisms, bowls, candle holders, carvings, and so much more.

The best sought out quality are the crystal clear ones. Personally, I like the clouds, lines, and snowflake styles that you can see inside the point or pieces because they make for more unique pieces.


Different Styles – Different Energy

Each Quartz crystal can contain many different attributes, such as windows, clusters, pyramids, and stairs, which each help you in different ways, so crystals need to be analyzed and placed by an expert. Here are a few examples.

Phantoms teach you how to move up to higher planes because it is said that the crystal stopped growing and then re-grew, potentially several times depending how many upside down “V’s” you see.

Another very popular style is the Dowel point, which has a configuration of faces 3/7, so 3 triangles and the large faces have 7 facets.

Lemurian point is very high frequency. They are shaped differently with a flowing shape verses perfectly straight. It also is usually very long and narrow. There are smaller points, which sing if you roll them together. These are great for designing jewelry and also gridding locations with Quartz energy.

Clusters – multiples of points together in a cluster formation – are great for corners of the work area or at home. Once you put them in the area, make sure you clean them first with either salt water or sage or our Bio laser to make sure they are ready to work with you and also you ask for what you want.

A crystal as powerful as Quartz requires wisdom and guidance from experts in proper placement. At Michal & Company, we can custom design your space to include Quartz as part of your Nature’s Art Décor.

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