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Getting Started with Geode Décor

Are you interested in bringing the beauty and power of the earth inside of your home or workspace? If so, Geode décor is the perfect way to accomplish that.


What are Geodes?

Geodes are hollow rocks that are usually cut in half to show off the stunning crystals at their center. From the outside, they are unassuming and often, quite ugly. However, when you break them open, their beauty is revealed.

Geodes form in a couple different ways. Some are created in volcanic rock when air bubbles inside a lava flow produce hollow spaces, which turn into cavities once the lava cool. Over thousands or even millions of years, water enters into these cavities and deposits minerals. Those minerals gradually deposit crystals inside the hollow space. Other geodes are form in sedimentary rock when cavities naturally occur within the layers of the rock. Over time, groundwater seeps in and deposits minerals, which then form into crystals.

Agate, Barite, Calcite, Celestite, Kaolinite, Limonite, Opal, Pyrite, Quartz, Smithsonite, con and Sphalerite are some of the most common crystals that you will find within a Geode.



Why You Should Incorporate Geode Décor into Your Space

A Geode is one of the coolest pieces you could ever bring into your home. After all, it literally took millions of years to form, and each piece is incredibly unique—you can’t get any more exclusive than that!

When you decide to bring Geode décor into your home, you are opening yourself up to endless possibilities because these precious rocks can be incorporated literally anywhere and into anything—statement pieces, trinkets, doorknobs, wall décor, furniture, lighting, paperweights, and more!

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why you should incorporate Geode décor into your space:

● They are statement pieces that are sure to become a talking point whenever you have visitors.

● Geodes are classy. So, even if you like to keep things simple and neutral, Geodes will add a little pop of color and beauty, without overpowering the room.

● On the other hand, if you enjoy colors and all things eccentric, Geodes will work just as well.

● When placed correctly, Geodes (and other crystals) will saturate your space with the energy you need to accomplish all that you desire.



Types of Geode Décor Pieces Available

The options are endless with Geode décor:

There are literally millions of options for you to choose from if you decide to add these stunning accents to your home or business. From wine corks, to mirrors, to lamps, and bowls, the list goes on.

If you want to go beyond the typical Geode décor options on the market, why not add a unique Geode furniture piece to your space? They are sure to bring the property to life and positively influence your energy.

Jewelry isn’t typically what you would think of when you hear “décor.” However, jewelry is décor for your body, right? Wearing these stunning jewelry pieces is an easy way to harness the power of multiple crystals, depending upon how you are feeling and what your goals are each day.



Geode Décor Trends for 2021

In the last year, Geodes have become a crystal-clear favorite in home décor. Here’s what is trending in Geode décor right now:

Accent Pieces
Geodes are the perfect natural accessory for a table, countertop, shelf or dresser. These pieces are often cut so that their internal crystals are on display, and then a weighted base is added so that they may sit upright. Geode slices that have been mounted onto a base are also popular accent pieces.

Geode wall art is all the rage right now—especially that which mimics Agate. These pieces are often hand-painted onto canvas and create a breathtaking natural, yet modern, focal point for any room.

Curtains, pillows, accent chairs and bedding made from geode-inspired fabric can be a fabulous addition to a room. Use the fabrics to add color, interesting texture, and a feeling of luxury to your space.

Wallpaper in 2021 is NOT the same stuff that you remember from Grandma’s house. Geode-inspired wallpaper is modern, sleek, and so stunning that it will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits your home. Agate and Amethyst patterns are especially trendy right now.

Quartz countertops have been trending for a few years now, but we figured we’d include it because it doesn’t look like the trend is going anywhere anytime soon. Homeowners love using this stone in their kitchens and bathrooms because of the wide range of colors and patterns, and because it is so durable. However, it is important to note that most quartz countertops are engineered, meaning that they are made up of 90-95% Quartz and 5-10% polymer resin, which allows for a variety of colors and makes them more durable (resistant to scratches, stains, heat and water damage). So, if you are open to using solid stone, you may have to do a little searching, or incorporate Quartz into your home in some other way.



The Secret to Using Geode Décor to Help You Achieve What You Want

Incorporating Geode décor into your home or business can also be very beneficial. The minerals inside of your Geode will project a particular type of energy, influencing the flow and dynamic of the space.

When used strategically, the energy from your Geode décor can help you to achieve whatever you desire. If you would like to harness the power of Geodes and crystals, you may be interested in our exclusive Energy Positioning Blueprint, which can help you create a more productive workspace, home or business environment to boost your personal health, well-being, love, positive energy and more; and will help you to achieve what you want.

This is an individualized approach for introducing the power of crystals into your home or workspace. When you sign up for our program, you will learn exactly how, when placed in the right location, stones can shift the energy in your space.


The Best Places to Keep Your Geode Stones

The best places to keep your Geodes will depend upon your individual goals. We recommend completing an Energy Positioning Blueprint and using the principles of crystal grid layouts and our Energy Space Alignment technique to ensure that your stones are kept in the most optimal places possible to achieve everything that you desire.


5 Easy Ways to Get Started with Geode Décor

If you are ready to get started with incorporating Geode décor into your home or workspace, here are five easy ways to do so:

1. Place a Geode paperweight on your desk.

One of the simplest ways to get started with Geode décor is with a small paperweight. These beautiful pieces will add a touch of natural glamour to any room—especially your office. We recommend the following Geodes for your workspace:

Stressful jobs call for Amethyst. This crystal will help you to relax in stressful situations and calm your thoughts and then helps bring in creativity.

Clear Quartz
Stay focused with Clear Quartz on your desk. We recommend writing out your daily to-do list and placing your Clear Quartz Geode on top to stay on track.

The brilliant gold energy of Pyrite will help you attract wealth and opportunity to your business, as well as increase your focus.

Rose Quartz
If you are your own worst critic, especially in your career, then Rose Quartz on your desk is a must. It will help you to let go of judgement, approach all efforts with love and compassion, and will remind you to be kinder to yourself (and others).

If you work with or near technology (which is just about everyone these days), keep Shungite nearby to remind yourself to balance the time you spend using technology with time spent in nature.

Tourmalinated Quartz
All writers should keep Tourmalinated Quartz on their desks to clear their mind, forge through writer’s block and release any negative energy that may be holding them back.



2. Add Geode knobs to your cabinetry and doors.

Energize your space and make all of the doors look like a piece of art with crystal knobs.

3. Prop up your books with a Geode.

Geode bookends are hot right now! Add them to your bookshelves or accent tables for a touch of color and natural beauty.

4. Display a large Geode.

A large Geode is the perfect décor piece for any room. Before purchasing a Geode for your home, spend time considering the type of energy you would like to bring in, and the crystals that will help you accomplish your goals.

5. Invest in Geode furniture.

If you really want to make a statement, why not incorporate Geodes into your furniture? Like the Geodes they are made from, these furniture pieces are incredibly unique. The most popular Geode furniture pieces are tables. The top of the table is usually asymmetrical, due to the shape of the stone, however, that just makes them look more unique and appealing. I always recommend centering a Geode table in a room, when possible, so that it becomes the center of attraction, or the point to which everyone tends to gravitate.

Incorporating Nature’s Art into your space can feel overwhelming, especially when you are just getting started with Geode décor. However, the results are worth it and will shift the energy in your home or office if the pieces are arranged correctly. Michal Mael has over 20 years of experience in teaching others about Nature’s Art and the use of Geodes and other energy rocks to enhance their lives. For a consultation tailored to your individual desires and your unique property, contact us today.

About Michal Mael:
Michal’s worldly background made her the perfect ambassador for nature’s gems. She was born in Israel to parents of Iraqi, Yemenite, and European origins moved to America at a young age and grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. As a pre-teenager, she mastered sales in her mom’s retail store, and by the age of 19, Michal opened “Jewels of the Nile,” a traveling business selling beads, statues, antiques, and crystals.

Through decades of traveling the world to handpick and sell gems, Michal became a leading expert on rocks and minerals. Transforming any environment with Nature’s Art Decor™ is her specialty. Michal believes that each crystal has a specific purpose and place in life, business, and the home. Tranquility and abundance can be achieved through the right placement of Nature’s Art.

From international businessmen and women to Beverly Hills celebrities, and everyone in between, Michal uses her expertise to place the exact crystals needed, giving clients the alignment they desire in both home and work environments. She has developed her own technique and system of Energy Positioning Placement™ and teaches audiences about stones and energy all over the world.

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