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Speaking Engagements

As a regular guest speaker at conferences, networking events, lunches, and dinners. I’m thrilled to be invited to share my message about growing financially, emotionally and spiritually. Taking audiences on a journey of maximizing the infusion of energy throughout their home or business.

Whether it’s covering the best methods of using crystal grid for abundance, understanding of living spaces and energy flows to properly tap into a money crystal grid. Or the process of connecting with your higher self, helping audiences understand its possibility and it’s incredibly enriching experience. Or even how to live with purpose, living abundantly. What does it truly mean to be able to live the abundant life? These are all areas that will have a dramatic profound change in your everyday life. If you apply the principles I teach.

Having done this now for several years, I’m comfortable with audiences of all sizes. I am comfortable speaking to audiences both in person and in virtual settings. The topics I speak on are listed below. They are designed to engage the audience from the word ‘go’ and give immediate value as they are filled with easy to use tools and tips for the audience to take and use right away.




Speakers Background

Actor Terrence Howard
Actor Terrence Howard

Michal’s worldly experience and exotic background made her the perfect ambassador for Nature’s Gems. Though she was born in Israel to parents of Iraqi, Yemenite and European origins, she moved to America at a young age and grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. As a pre-teenager, she mastered sales in her mom’s retail store, and by the age of 19, Michal opened “Jewels of the Nile” a traveling sales business selling beads, statues, antiques, and crystals.

Traveling the world to exhibit at trade shows educated Michal vastly in rocks and minerals. In 1999, Michal ignited her passion for Natures Art into business, and “Rock Our World” was born. Michal quickly became one of the leading experts in the metaphysical world and one of the top designers in creating Nature’s Art Decor™  in the home and workplace workspace. 

Transforming any environment with Nature’s Art Decor™ is her specialty. Michal believes that each crystal has a specific purpose and place in life, business and in the home. Tranquility and abundance amongst many other things can be achieved thru the right placement of Nature’s Art. 

From international businessmen and women to Beverly Hills celebrities, and everyone in between, Michal uses her expertise to place the exact crystals needed giving them what they desire in both home and work environments. She designs pieces specifically based on what’s missing, giving them access to it, and energizing their lives, and has developed her own technique and system of Energy Positioning Placement ™.  Michal travels from continent to continent several times a year to hand pick the best gems from mines in China, Vietnam, Brazil , Peru, Morocco, to Timbuktu for our clients.

michal the rock lady

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