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Michal & Co. Inc is dedicated to importing, designing and, creating unique geode furniture, Nature’s Art Decor™ for clients that desire and collect one-of-a-kind geode decor artifacts. 

Michal & Co. is a direct importer and wholesale company with design and manufacturing facilities that incorporate the use of natural crystals, gems, geode rocks, minerals, and fossils Nature’s Art™ into geode décor accents for your home, corporate or landscape environments as Nature’s Art Décor.™

Additionally, we offer consultations to our clients on the Energy Positioning Blueprint™, which is our exclusive prosperity crystal grid approach to creating more productive workspaces, home, and business environments that boost personal health, well-being, love, positive energy, emotional energy, prosperity and more.

Our consulting program will educate and infuse emotional energy in homes and commercial establishments. We specialize in functional geode decor art pieces that spectacularly accent key spaces creating opulence, & life in abundance.

Transforming our client’s environments using Nature’s Art Decor™ of rare minerals, statuary, natural crystals, gems, geode rocks, and fossils to create opulence and abundant energy.

Using our signature “Energy Positioning Blueprint” ™, our exclusive prosperity crystal energy grid approach to creating more productive workspaces, home, & business environments that boost personal health, well-being, love, positive energy, emotional energy, prosperity & more.

Our Team

We have brought together collaborative minds with years of experience in their areas of expertise.  We love the fact that our amazing team members are ahead of the curve, and extremely knowledgeable.

Spiritual Mentor, Energy & Rock Positioning Expert, Speaker, Author, CEO
Michal Mael – The Queen of Rocks

Driven by her passion for natural world beauty, Michal Mael has been in the business of semi-precious stones since the age of 10. As an expert in her field with a charismatic personality, The Queen of Rocks is regularly invited to speak at conferences, networking events, and social functions. She enthusiastically shares her passion and provides practical strategies for maximizing the infusion of energy through your home and business in every talk, interview, and workshop on her founded technique of Energy Positioning Blueprint.

A master of her craft, The Queen of Rocks creates one-of-a-kind pieces for a clientele that ranges from international entrepreneurs to Beverly Hill celebrities. As a direct importer and wholesaler with design and manufacturing facilities, she also sells her Natural Art Décor™ home products to retail stores, interior decorators, and galleries.

Throughout the year, Michal travels across continents, handpicking the finest eco-conscious gems from mines in China, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, Morocco, Timbuktu, and beyond. In collaboration with her seasoned craftsmen, she transforms these gems into exclusive art pieces embodying elegance, affluence, and abundance. This connection to gems and her focus on their energy started at the age of 19 Michal’s entrepreneurial mother pushed her to start her first business “Jewels of the Nile” traveling the USA to exhibit her wares at tradeshows. This was followed, in 1999, by founding “Rock Our World” and later “Michal and Company”, specializing in importing, designing, and creating unique Natures Art Décor™, natural functional art.

Michal has been honored by the National Association of Professional Women as “Woman of the year in her industry”. Michal’s rapidly emerged as an authority in the metaphysical world is top designer, trendsetter, and innovator creating Nature’s Art DecorTM that elevates and energizes the home and workplace. With each unique space in mind, Michal designs and teaches how each Nature’s Art can be displayed to accentuate the stone and its energy.

After eighteen plus years Michal has been working on mind body and spirit collaboration with the higher consciousness. Michal now has taken it outside the body of stones and added a dimension of spirituality using the modality she refers to as Mastery Heart Healing. Where she adds in the stone healing for a direct purpose to create a connection to the divine by clearing and activating oneself to move through the energy within to clear and receive direct access to their higher-self by using meditation and many other healing practices.

Internationally Born from Israel to parents of Iraqi, Yemenite, and European descent, she moved to the U.S. and grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. Today she resides in Los Angeles where she has her showroom, wellness center, and warehouse working with her twins in the San Fernando Valley.

michal gemologist
Ron Schmidtling

A valued member of our consulting staff also serves as Geological and Paleontological consultant for the Getty Conservation Institute in Brentwood Ca. Ron holds a masters degree in Geology with a fellowship for graduate work in Paleontology as well as a bachelor’s degree in Archeology, Paleontology, ancient folklore, and art history.He has worked as a scientific consultant and site monitor on a number of significant archeological and paleontology excavations for universities, private and public institutions as well as a teaching assistant on undergraduate work at major universities.

He is a published author on numerous aspects of paleontology and geology including children’s books on conservation and science. He is an active member of numerous professional associations and is involved in various non-profit and Philanthropic projects.

Rose Quart Geode Sink Decor
What We Do

Michal & Company transforms our clients environments incorporating the use of rare minerals, statuary, natural crystals, gems, geode rocks, minerals and fossils to create opulence and abundant energy.


As a direct importer and wholesale company with design and manufacturing facilities, we have the ability to provide geode home decor products in various quantities to retail stores.


We create a prosperity crystal grid using our signature “Energy Positioning Blueprint” ™, our exclusive approach to creating more productive workspaces, home, and business environments that boost personal health, well-being, love, positive energy and more.


We specialize in designing and creating unique Nature’s Art Decor™ for clients that desire and collect one-of-a-kind artifacts. Custom geode home decor incorporating the use of rare minerals, statuary, natural crystals, gems, minerals, geode rocks, and fossils to create opulence and abundant energy.


She’s traveled the world, sharing her unique insight into the world of geode rocks. Book Michal Mael to speak at your event or a work conference, teaching the principles of stoneology, covering such topics as connecting with your higher self, living life abundantly & her signature prosperity crystal grid technique.


Michal & Company hosts events at their locations as well as attends red carpet, celebrity gift suites and gala events. Bringing their unique one of a kind geode decor pieces to create an unforgettable atmosphere.


Tools that are available to you which teach, how to embody wellness. Different modalities will teach you how to process emotional energy and become well rounded in the area of wellness.

Why Choose Us

Michal & Company offers professional service in geode home decor, geode furniture development, and consultation of bringing rare minerals, statuary, natural crystals, gems, minerals, geode rocks, and fossils into your home or business.

Geode Decor Can Bring New Energy and Style to Your Home

If you are redecorating your home or just need some new items to spruce it up a little bit, you should definitely consider adding some geode décor in. Geodes are hollow rocks and minerals that are usually cut in half or in a unique shape to show off the shimmering textures of amethysts and calcite and many more different kind of precious gemstones inside of them. If the geodes had been close to heat, that could change the color of it inside. All of the colors are never exactly the same as the earth is naturally creating these spectacular items. Having geode décor is one of the coolest things you could have in your home. You literally have something that was created by earth and took millions of years to create – you really can’t find many home décor pieces that are that exclusive. Each one is irreplaceable and contains the history of our world.

Geode décor pieces are very unique. No one is going to have the same exact geode as you – they are all literally different. Having geode décor in your home, you are open to endless possibilities. It can be incorporated into anything; Knobs, bottle stoppers, paperweights, lamps, mirrors, tables, chairs, jewelry boxes, and the list could go on and on. Some people are even adding geodes into their wedding receptions, they are a perfect table statement. Geodes are the perfect decorative pieces, you can put these anywhere in your home. They look fantastic in a home and an easy way to put some color in a room. If you’re into DIY projects, geode is also a great material to work with as you can do a lot of cool, rare projects with them. The nice thing about bringing geode décor into your home is their little statement pieces, so having them is always sure to fire up questions and become a focal point in your home. For those that want to go beyond geode decor pieces, you can even get geode furniture pieces, functional furnishings created with large geodes. They will bring your office or home to life in more ways than you think.

Geode décor can bring a sense of style into your home. If you’re classy and like to keep things simple in your home in your choice of wall paint, furniture style etc. incorporating geodes into your home isn’t going to overdo it. You will get a nice pop of color without it taking away from your room. If you like to have funky colors and eccentric things in your home though geodes will also work in perfectly. As you can obtain geodes that are more show pieces and not subdued. Geodes, in general, will just add a certain level of “liveliness” to your home. For example, the geodes tables can really add to someone’s space and be a topic piece. They can work great as a coffee table, side table, or even as a nightstand.

Geodes that are found in décor pieces can range from Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, Agate, Selenite Gypsum, and so much more. Feel free to take a look at our geodes rock gallery for additional pictures. Many people like to go for Quartz as they are most familiar with that mineral and it has the most generic color that will go with a lot of home decor – a nice, quiet glittery silver shade. Another popular geode is Amethyst, it’s the pleasant shimmering purple color. Amethyst is one of those geodes that loses its color during the creating process because it is usually close to the earth’s heat. When it changes color it usually will turn into a yellow or light orange, so when cutting open an Amethyst rock, you never know what you will find inside. What is really interesting and beneficial about integrating geodes into your home is that minerals always represent a certain energy. The mineral that you have will give off a particular type of energy and help with the flow and dynamic of your home. Our energy rocks consulting program is an individualized approach for introducing energy rocks and crystal grid layouts of pieces, each tailored to the individual and property.

It’s fun to explore the different kinds of stones available and see all of the energy characteristics they possess. If you’re looking for a certain type of energy to consume a room, it’s important to work with a consultant since there are so many minerals out there. So that they can guide you in the right geode decor piece for your home together with your energy needs you are bound to find the exact decorative piece you are looking for.

Natural Art Décor™ in your home or work can infuse you with the energy you need to attract what you desire most. Call us for a free consultation to show you how

Michal Mae

CEO & President

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Now it’s your turn and get your home, business or your client’s space beautified and energized to enhance their life.

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