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Rental for events and movie studios sets

Natures art Decor has a cool effect and is fantastic for any set renting for studios it shifts the whole space… They having the natural look and the hero shot is so critical at this point. how boring is it to see another great big mirror or a marble column the new millennial‘s are looking for something they have more depth and meaning and people know that the natures art decor as metaphysical meaning that change things bringing in different consciousness, evolution, Aquarian age, chic, modern, sophistication, and then also bringing in that nature, warm, caring, philanthropy and organic look… Stones have had the meanings of wealth and then at the same time hippie so it natural stones have always been an Intrical part of showing off in a huge mansion a massive pieces, statement pieces of wealth and then in the hippie world bringing in pockets of stones and having nice smaller pieces on the dining room table or on the coffee table near the fire place showing that they are earthy conscious more metaphysical… If you’re going create a set and the feel ur want that’ stones do it naturally it gives the feel of the mood that they’re trying to reflect if it’s going to a spa Or going to a healing room/Astec/ what ever even natural chic sets, American indigenous sets and everything it’s there in the rocks

What makes people shop, work , and profitability and SM

How do you create a place where everybody either wants to meet go by select and hang out in… In businesses around the world are number one thing is to get people excited to come in to the store if they leave empty-handed is the fault of the salesman’s but how do you get them in the door how do you excite the person to walk in… Is it a sale or is it the Decor the element of surprise what shift people to come into one store over another

The new millennialsLook at things very differently when big aspect is what is the GiveBack in that company so you can see in marketing the difference way of propaganda to get people to purchase is by using humanity, give back, their nonprofit and calling in the community versus narcissism

When you need a lower fact if you have a auto motive club like Harley Davison, Rolls-Royce, Bentley it’s about the prestige it’s about passing the Joneses and excelling becoming the person of authority also it’s about looking good and now it’s really about also feeling good so many people use feng shui

To show and create a feeling in which people want love success power… What if I show you and share with you a rental or lease experience which bring in all of that with high end luxury stone accent pieces called natures art Decour that people use for social media and showing wealth… if you look at the wealthy in their homes their exclusive they bring in different collections that show their wealth rare coins antique cars and one of a kind mineral specimens… All of these different collectible items are all showing status either the larger the collection is or the larger the piece itself is the magic walking inTwo and Establishment and the first thing you see Is a huge 10 foot amethyst geode waiting 4 tons that is a statement piece that nobody forgets the first thing they do is take a picture with the second thing they do is launch it on their social media platform and of course tagging it to the location where they’re at… Would it be you the Rolls-Royce dealership the hottest club in New York City or a mansion that has lots of private parties for the rich and famous

And then there’s the aspect of the full tray die metaphysical properties where the stones take on a completely different level I was showing off who that person is the magnificence of the establishment caring such luxurious statement pieces and there is the energy of positivity warm loving caring abundance wealth success power contribution

All these can be adjusted to the specific rooms and specific statement areas to energize the space to bringing in exactly the momentum that you want if it’s selling a car if it’s bringing in harmony to a retreat center in healing space to opening up conversations or how about brainstorming rams bringing in ideas forethought consciousness what is this worth?…

If your company is one that wants to shift consciousness in the space to produce productivity care philanthropy power wealth sustainability feel good consciousness then using these natures are the core will shift and create exactly that… Michal Mael Owner and founder of energy positioning blueprint has created a formula which if you play specific stones in specific areas they can induce and create even more of the energies written above

Michal has in creating spaces to bringing in the abundance that the person wants if it’s social media creator and influencer to sales to a hotspot using energy Percision blueprint Inc. with her amazing stones that are all energized… She calls them her workers they will shift the space to encourage and create a shiftThat will ultimately bring you exactly what you want… Natures art Decour is a huge wow factor in WoW opens up creativity and imagination expectations and mine blowing…

Michal & Company hosts events filled with geode decor at their locations as well as attending red carpet, celebrity gifting suites, and gala events
Bringing their unique one of a kind geode decor pieces to create an unforgettable atmosphere
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