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What Clients Think

”  Working with Michal & Company was an energizing and wonderful experience. I am the creator of the nationally syndicated Television Show, Wake Up!, and our set deigner needed something to add to the depth and richness that would set our show apart, both visually and energetically.

Michal & Co not only exceeded our expectations in the quality of and geodes and natural decor we selected, but in the tremendous customer service we received as well. Michal is the kindest heart and most certainly, the best partner in business you could possibly have. I could not recommend her and her gorgeous stones highly enough.

Lisa MarieShow Creator, Wake Up!

”  I met Michal a few years ago and we had an instant connection. She came into my apartment and put these amazing beautiful crystals in my life. My place looks like a showroom. The beauty and energy that they radiate is beyond words.

Liami Lawrence

” “I have always loved crystals, rocks and gems but never knew really what to do with them, what energy they each had or how to wear them…. then I met Michal!!

Her knowledge of all the crystals, rocks, geodes, fossils is endless and very inspiring. At last I had someone who could explain to me why I was drawn to certain types of stone. Michal helped me with the right stone to wear depending on the event I was going to and/or the energy I would need for the event such as focus for a job interview. The list was endless and I am so grateful to her for taking the time to teach me and educate me on these wonderful stones.

As my understanding grew I asked her which stones I should have in my home, I wanted to create a peaceful, calm environment for me to live in and with Michal’s help and advice I now have beautiful stones around my home and I am thankful every day that I met Michal.

She helped one of my dreams come true – to learn about crystals and stones and how to use them in my life and home – thank you Michal, you rock in every sense!!

Sally Jenkins

” Michal walked into my house and she saw the problem immediately. Sure, I had altars set up all pretty but they had no focus and weren’t properly placed. For someone who reads a lot of books I thought I knew what I was doing.

Michal quickly moved things around, eliminated what wasn’t necessary and focused each altar on my true intention. Then, we went to her huge warehouse filled with crystals and stones and found the perfect tools to support my home and the energy of love and support.

People walk in now and always say the same thing: “I’ve never been in a home that is so comfortable before. And it’s so you!” I think the altars make all the difference to turning my house into a home with a specific energy and vibration. I can’t believe I’m sounding so woo-woo but it’s true.

Oh and whenever I need a stone or crystal there’s no better place then Michal’s huge warehouse. It’s a treat and feast to go! Plus the service is incredible and her art – one of a kind! Boy, you should see this amazing crystal I have now in my bedroom. Spectacular. And I got it at a great price at Michal’s warehouse!

If you want a home that vibrates your energy and is in tune with your intention, hire Michal. She’s the one I turn to and I’ve had such great healing and success with her support!

Rhonda Britten Life Coach / Speaker

” Michal is a truly a wonder at selecting the best pieces for the atmosphere you want to create. Her pieces are high quality, gorgeous, and it’s always a lovely experience dealing with her and her staff. The best part is she takes great care in asking the right questions to ensure I end up with exactly what I need. I have hired her many times and I keep going back again and again because of Michal’s expertise and varied inventory.

Orna WaltersCreating Love On Purpose

” I have been fortunate enough to experience the mystical beauty of Michal’s crystal and stone collections. Her knowledge of and love for these earth elements has allowed me to immerse myself in their energy. In one special experience, Michal designed the area around where I was officiating a wedding. The pink quartz crystals shimmered in the afternoon light, providing beauty and grounding for the happy couple and all the guests.

I also have one of Michal’s large tourmaline and quartz crystals sitting on a table next to where I do spiritual energy work with clients. The energy and beauty and grounding capacities of this piece are appreciated so much by my clients. Thank you Michal for traveling the world to bring us such treasures!

Racquel PalmeseCircles of Light


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