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Tucson Gem & Mineral Show:

13 Rockin’ Tips for Sunshine Shoppers – Michal & Co.

When is the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?  

The Tucson Gem and Mineral and Fossil Show will be held on January 31 – February 16, 2020. Check our list of individual activities dates/times below.

January 31, 2020ERN DOLLAZ Jump Start! I will DJ10:00AM - 12:00PMErn Dollaz from 97.5 The Vibe will be Djing
February 1, 2020DJ REMIX2:00PM - 6:00PMRemix will be live Djing music in our tent
February 7, 2020KHYT 107.5 Radio Remote 2 hours / Talent (Andy Taylor)10:00AM - 12:00PMErn Dollaz from 97.5 The Vibe will be DJing playing music at this remote.
February 7, 2020KHYT 107.5 Radio Remote 2 hours10:00AM - 12:00PMErn Dollaz from 97.5 The Vibe will be DJing playing music at this remote.
February 8, 2020DJ REMIX2:00PM - 6:00PMRemix will be live Djing music in our tent
February 9, 2020DJ REMIX2:00PM - 6:00PMRemix will be live Djing music in our tent
February 9, 2020FREE COFFEE FROM IRON CITY COFFEE9:00AM - 11:00AMEarly morning with coffee for everyone and snacks
February 9, 2020Trak Gem Show Party6:00PM - 8:00PMPrivate party for TRAK volunteers and staff
February 13, 2020KHYT 107.5 (Andy Taylor) & 97.5 The Vibe (Ern Dollaz) 2 hour remote10:00AM - 12:00PMErn from 97.5 The Vibe will be DJing playing music at this remote.
February 13, 2020Transformation Gym Gem Show Party6:00PM - 9:00PMPrivate party for our friends of Transformation Gym
February 15, 2020DJ REMIX2:00PM - 6:00PMRemix will be live Djing music in our tent

What is the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

Every year for a little over two weeks in the winter, Tucson hosts the largest gem show in the world. Thousands of people, from wholesalers and retailers to rock collectors and enthusiasts, scientists and students and people young and old, converge on the City of Tucson. Vendors and peddlers everywhere, the sparkle and glitter of gems and crystals seemingly oozing up from the sidewalks like chalcedony flowers on geodes. You can absolutely feel the flowing energy of the stones, healing young and old alike, whether they need it or not.

There are 48 different shows during the duration of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, some small and some large, some wholesale and others open to the public. Forty-eight separate shows featuring 4000 vendors and exhibitors from every continent, each displaying and selling gems, minerals, fossils, jewelry, and lapidary tools and supplies. It’s hard to resist the allure, natural wonder, and energy healing properties of gemstones.

Never assume just because gem shows are fun that they are not serious. Nature’s Art Décor is big business, and determined buyers are known to show up with deep pockets. It’s not unusual for people to spend tens of thousands of dollars. For many vendors, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is their bread and butter for the year.

Which Hotels are Close to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

Hotel rooms book up quickly so book in early for best options. Click HERE for Tucson area accommodations. Some people book a year in advance to avoid the spike in charge if you wait too long. Some people save on lodging by booking at Airbnb or VRBO.

Beware of the fast-growing Craigslist vacation rental scam. Some scammers cut and paste photos and descriptions of vacation rentals and homes from other legitimate online vacation rental sites and price the homes much lower than advertised other marketing channels. Be careful and remember, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.


Do I need to Rent a Car for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

Each show has its own parking lot and costs usually anywhere from five to twenty dollars. If you are visiting more than a few shows a day, it adds up. Having a car will afford you the most freedom. If you fly to Tucson, consider renting a car or a van if you plan on buying a large quantity or big items. There is a free GemRide shuttle that goes between the main “gem loop” but can be a hassle if carrying bags or heavy stones. At many shows, you can park nearby and easily load into your car. Hand carts are not uncommon, but it’s another thing to have to carry on the plane. I’ve seen dealers who use roller luggage, filling it as they go from vendor to vendor, then transferring the items to the car when the luggage is full.

Kino Gem show (where I’m at) has huge Free parking and you can drive up to pick up large items at that location For M&C we have a pick-up location at our private gate.

Rent your. We in advance they always run out.

Tucson doesn’t allow large stones or crystal on board they much be stored in luggage.

What Should I Wear to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

If you’re wondering what to wear in Tucson, the answer is “keep it simple.” Bring a warm jacket and dress in layers! There are outdoor and indoor shows. Most of the large tents have heat/ac. Forget looking fancy and be mindful of your body. Wear comfortable shoes – sneakers or hiking boots. We are mostly on gravel dirt and certain shows are inside tents that have uneven floors. For those who have knee problems or ankle problems bring your braces, bring some Arnica whatever it takes to keep the inflammation down. You need to take care of yourself here in Tucson… you’ll be walking A LOT!

Are there Markets or Grocery Stores close to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

Getting to a grocery store or market close to the Tucson show can be problematic )because the stores are not close to the show areas). Go to Trader Joes or Sprouts Market as soon as you arrive and stock up. Bring a pack to carry your treasures, water bottles, and snacks.

There are a lot of co-ops and nice organic food selection in Tucson it has grown tremendously and is readily available. Don’t trust the food at the show concessions – it’s mostly junk food like Dominos, pizza, kettle corn, fast food, etc…

Make sure you’re hydrated – you may think you’re hydrating but because of the desert dryness you may not be getting enough. It’s imperative to drink plenty of water. It’s a desert after all! Not enough water means less energy… and maybe even some new wrinkles. They call it desert skin…yikes!!

Do I need a Wholesale Certificate for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

For wholesale purchases, a copy of Tax ID, EIN or Business license is required. Bring several copies. Some shows require wholesales to pre-register. Always good to check ahead. The Kino Gem & Mineral Show where I am showcasing does not require pre-registration.

Are the Dates the Same for all Events at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

Check the dates of the shows you want to see in advance. Most of the show dates do overlap, but it’s best to check to avoid disappointment. Check your favorite dealers on Instagram – most of the dealers with an account will post their schedule ahead of time. Click MyLink for a list of individual show dates/times/locations.

Should I Visit Each Vendor Before I Buy at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

Many people rush this gem show that is not wise… It could take a week to see (some of) the trade shows without rushing or being stressed out. At the very least it’s best to concentrate on one area of town per day of your visit. There are 4 main areas: Kino Gem Loop; Downtown Gem Loop; Mineral & Fossil Loop; and Casino del Sol Express. Click MyLink for information the shows in each area, and GemRide for maps and shuttle information.

(Personally, you need to see which is the best show for you. Each one has theme beads, jewelry, stones, fossil, art, designers, estate, African village You do not need to see some show if your business doesn’t demand it and then it will be less stressful and you don’t waste your time if you have a crunch of time).

Many of my clients come in so wound up trying to make sure they see every little thing. It’s important to keep lists – a “must” list and a “wish” list and then marry the two together. If you’re too rigid you run the risk of missing out on a lot of amazing pieces, pieces that could potentially make a difference. So be creative, see what’s new in the market, how you feel while you’re shopping. If you feel excited about something new, your clients will likely feel the same way.

With that said, when you see something you like, listen to your intuition and buy it! Never assume another vendor will have the same item ( since all are one-of-a-kind )or be selling it for less. And there’s no guarantee that the item will still be where you originally found it. Chances are if you love it, others will too. Trust Spirit guided you there and avoid regret!

What Supplies Should I Have While Shopping at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

Bring your own sharpies, stickers, and baggies with you to mark and price your inventory right after you buy. Keep track of the vendor you buy from, the price you paid and the amount you plan to retail. It’ll save you time and headaches once you get home. Exhaustion takes over sometimes, and it’s surprising how quickly we forget even important things.

Business cards – everyone asks for business cards. If you have any printing needs my guy is the best (My print house for the magazine)

Don’t forget the sunscreen! Some of the shows are outside. And it’s always good to have canvas bags, water, and snacks with you, too.

How Do I Manage Shipping Items from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

Think ahead about any large items that will require pallets for shipping. You can share pallets with someone else who is shipping to the same destination. There are dedicated shipping vendors at the show. We help our clients consolidate for shipping and( take care of all your logistics. )

Also, if you do fly to Tucson, you can always ship large and heavy stuff home. Remember to bring shipping supplies – boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc. ( we at M&C can pack for you all our products for shipping. We can Taylor your boxes for the freight you are using like Saia, UPS, or air also for small packages) The post office has flat rate shipping boxes which is great for heavy smaller items.

How do I Find Bargains at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show?

The earlier you arrive in Tucson, the better your chances of getting a “new find” at a reasonable price. If you arrive early, you have a better chance of finding genuine bargains before another buyer recognizes their “true” value.

(Also if you come early you can cherry-pick the best products. Some of the Foreign vendors reduce prices the last days )

(Michal &company is an American company we are a full-time warehouse that can help you throughout the year where foreign vendors you cannot have there help or restocking through the year you need to wait until the next show… In the US we pay all of our taxes best to get the best deals and service is to try to find a US company that imports to the United States they usually give youBetter support… Michal & company support all of her clients throughout the years and throughout the year in her warehouse where she dedicates her self and for service and if there’s an issue you can reach her directly not wait till the next show)

As with any purchase, you will be able to negotiate a better price if you are purchasing a larger quantity. But if you are buying just one specimen in a wholesaler’s room, don’t expect a big discount.

Also, if you stay until the end of the show and you drove to Tucson (so you can carry home a big load), you can find great deals buying leftover stock from dealers on the last day of the show. Dealers may be motivated by not having to wrap and ship home leftover stock and offer significant discounts off normal prices.

Take Notice, Give Thanks, and Enjoy the Beauty

Arizona, your beauty abounds. So many reasons why the desert beckons the soul. Spirit is everywhere – wisdom is in the wind and you can feel the powerful energies of the ancient indigenous people who inhabited this land thousands of years ago and who still do. Arizona with the blessings of being home to over 20 sovereign indigenous Native American communities, your cherished spiritual and cultural richness is your legacy. Thank you for your gift of spirit, beauty, and nature for all to behold.

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