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What Are Chakras and Which Stones Can Heal Them?

To be able to understand what Chakras are, you first must understand we are all made up of vibrating energy. These vibrations are known as energy zones or Chakras, and they flow through each of our bodies in different ways. Chakras can be described as spinning wheels of colorful energy located down the midline of your body. They are invisible to the eye for most people but can be measured with pendulums and seen through visualization.

If your Chakra wheels are slow and stagnant it will eventually manifest into illness and disease, whereas if they are over-active it will affect you at an emotional level. However, if your Chakras are flowing and spinning at a balanced pace you will experience peace, love, joy, and abundance. The best part is, the earth has given us wonderful gifts of crystal stones, and other mediums that can help balance your 7 Chakras and promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


Each Chakra has a unique job to do based on location and color. Let me explain it a little deeper.


1. The Root Chakra
This Chakra is located at your tailbone. It’s red in color and is correlated with the feeling of being grounded. This is your foundation Chakra and will determine how secure you feel when it comes to things you require for survival like food, shelter, and money.

Garnet and Black Obsidian are stones that you can utilize to help open up your Root Chakra. Placing these stones on your pelvis during resting meditation is an ideal way to balance your energy zone.


2. The Sacral Chakra
The Sacral Chakra is found two inches below your belly button. This orange spinning disc of energy allows us to connect with others and determines how we accept change into our lives. With a free-flowing Sacral Chakra, you will have a positive sense of well-being and enjoy life’s pleasures more often. This energy zone is closely correlated with your sexuality.

Carnelian and Red Aventurine are amazing healers, simply place the stones just below your naval and slow down your breath as well as your thoughts.


3. The Solar Plexus Chakra
This energy zone is positioned in your stomach or upper abdomen. The yellow color and flow of the Chakra decide if we are confident and in control. If the Chakra is blocked and dull you will experience low self-esteem and little self-worth. If it is over-active you may display bouts of aggression.

To balance this energy place Citrine (one of my favorites) or Amber gems just below your rib cage.


4. The Heart Chakra
The fourth Chakra is located at the center of the chest, slightly above the heart. Your ability to love is dependent on this green Chakra. When functioning at its highest potential you will have an abundance of love, peace, and joy in your life.

Chrysocolla and Aventurine are effective stones to calm your emotions. Place the stone just above your heart and take time to absorb its healing vibrations.


5. The Throat Chakra
You’ll find this blue Chakra around your voice box. It’s your ability to voice your opinions, to communicate or express your feelings. A blocked throat chakra will keep you from speaking your truth whereas an overactive energy zone will have you talking constantly, being overly critical, malicious or rude.

Angelite and Sodalite help bring your voice to a positive flowing spin.


6. The Third Eye Chakra
This zone sits right between your eyes and is responsible for your imagination, decision making, focus, and intuition. It is indigo in color and if it is weak you will have negative thoughts and feel lethargic, however, when it spins in a healthy manner you will be able to think clearly and see the brighter side of situations.

Stones that heal include Amethyst and Lepidolite.


7. The Crown Chakra
The last Chakra is rested on the top of your head. This energy represents the spirit and your ability to connect with a higher power. It is violet and can be stimulated through meditation.

Quartz and Selenite help cleanse, balance and release blockages from your Crown Chakra.

Holding on to the emotional and mental issues that do not serve you is a sure way of bringing pain and disease into your life. Use breathing techniques, meditation, visualizations and healing stones to combat the disease-causing baggage and bring you into a new light and new way of being.


Learn more about healing stones, the Chakras, and how to cleanse your crystals.

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