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What Can You Do To Relieve Stress During The Holiday Season?

With the holiday season comes deadlines, last-minute shopping and a whole load of stress. It’s no wonder people burn themselves out by the end of the year, and don’t know what to do about it. Being a mom of twins, energy worker, sister, daughter, and business owner comes so many responsibilities that are overwhelming sometimes, especially around this time of year.

Throughout my life I have experimented with multiple modalities that I have paired with healing stones in attempts to enhance the results and benefits, and nothing has worked quite as well as Yoga and Meditation. Standing on their own, they are extremely powerful tools, but when complemented with the best crystals, you’ll notice the energy flowing even more intensely, and the benefits multiplying ten fold.

So the question is, which stones are the best for your Yoga and Meditation practice?


Your yoga practice is a personal and intimate journey that teaches you so much about yourself and the world around you. Use Carnelian during Savasana pose to open up your sacral chakra and release pent up energy. Simply place this orange colored stone just above your belly button while you relax and breathe. You’ll actually feel the stress melt away.


If you are looking to deepen your intuition so that you can see the clear truth about life and the things around you, Amethyst is your stone. It’s vibrational energy brings awareness and wisdom, and during meditation it is a powerful gem that will help you focus on the positive, follow your inner truth and appreciate G-d in ways you’ve never imagined. This is the month for practicing and sharing the gratitude, do it with a spectacular cluster of Amethyst.


Yoga and Meditation is all about releasing tension and pain, regardless of whether it is physical, emotional, or mental. This gorgeous blue stone heals back pain which many of us experience in the Western world. But what’s even better about this rock is that it opens up the throat chakra so that you can express yourself in healthy ways. It squashes resentment and pulls you into a space where judgement turns into curiosity. Balance this stone on your throat during your supine savasana to promote effective communication so that you can enjoy your family and friends this holiday season.


When you practice yoga its lessons are meant to be taken from your mat, and into the real world. And in this world, anxiety is prevalent which causes many issues at work, at home, and even out in the community. Keeping this stone in the form of jewellery, or in your purse, pocket or spaces where tension runs high can help remind you to slow down, breathe, and take a mini meditation session so that you can be the best version of yourself at all times.


Another great stone for busting the stressful season is also a stone that promotes balance in your life. Agate is a stunning energy stone that can be utilized in many ways. Wear it as a piece of jewelry, keep a tumble near your mat during your practice, or even use it as home, and office decor in the form of coasters or book ends. It comes in an array of beautiful colors and has an amazing calming effect on the mind, body and soul. Not to mention it’s a great way to start a conversation so you can spread the wisdom and power of Agate, and all gems. Your friends and family will be grateful you showed them how Natures Art can heal and rejuvenate the spirit.

As the Queen of Rocks you’ve probably guessed by now how important Geodes are to me and my family. It brings us joy, clarity, love, gratefulness and abundance every time without fail. I invite you to try one or all of these stones during this last quarter so you can experience the true beauty of life without all that unnecessary stress. End your year off with a calm mind, a bright spirit and an abundance of gratitude and please check in and tell us how it’s changed your life.

SAVASANA POSE: Savasana pose seems like the easiest pose in yoga, however it is quite the opposite. Although you are lying flat on your back and surrendering, this is a pose that is meant to challenge the mind. Practice Savasana in a quiet room, and surround yourself with your crystals while you do this. Breathe deeply, relax all your muscles, and continue practicing clearing your mind for a few minutes at a time.

About Michal Mael:

Michal’s worldly background made her the perfect ambassador for nature’s gems. She was born in Israel to parents of Iraqi, Yemenite, and European origins moved to America at a young age and grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. As a pre-teenager, she mastered sales in her mom’s retail store, and by the age of 19, Michal opened “Jewels of the Nile,” a traveling business selling beads, statues, antiques, and crystals.

 Through decades of traveling the world to handpick and sell gems, Michal became a leading expert on rocks and minerals. Transforming any environment with Nature’s Art Decor™ is her specialty. Michal believes that each crystal has a specific purpose and place in life, business, and the home. Tranquility and abundance can be achieved through the right placement of Nature’s Art.

From international businessmen and women to Beverly Hills celebrities, and everyone in between, Michal uses her expertise to place the exact crystals needed, giving clients the alignment they desire in both home and work environments. She has developed her own technique and system of Energy Positioning Placement™ and teaches audiences about stones and energy all over the world.

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